How to Run a Great Sales Meeting: Agenda

Scott Sorrell / CEO, Sales Adrenaline

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The secret to running a great sales meeting is in knowing where you're going. If you're the commander and you're lost, your troops will figure it out, then quickly lose confidence in both you and the mission - they'll eventually even wonder if there really is a mission!

The sample meeting agenda below is a guide to help you plan and execute a great sales meeting. Not every item has to be included in every meeting (can you say marathon?). Non-negotiable, though, is including some pure positives: like 2, 3, 10, 11 or 12. Whenever possible, start on a positive note and end on a positive note. Else kiss your team's attitude, performance (and ultimately their butts) goodbye.

  1. Meeting Agenda / Objectives (Gives them a roadmap for the day's journey together)
  2. Example (This means YOU. Share what you're currently reading, a CD you're listening to, a seminar you've attended, something new you're trying, a personal stretch goal you've set)
  3. Edification (A reading, positive thoughts, a great story about someone from the group or elsewhere)
  4. Review (Where we've been / past numbers & performance)
        + Group input / comments / questions
  5. Preview (Where we're going / future goals & expectations)
        + Group input / comments / questions
  6. Opportunities
        + Group input / comments / questions
  7. Threats
        + Group input / comments / questions
  8. Improvements (ANY & ALL changes must be positioned as improvements for them!)
        + Group input / comments / questions
  9. Feedback (Open floor for questions, comments, praises, challenges, suggestions.
        TWO RULES:
    1. Must be presented in a positive, constructive way.
    2. Manager reserves the right, either because of time or other reasons, to table the discussion: "That's a great question / That's an interesting problem - I'd like you to email that to me with as much detail as you can, including your own suggestions, and we'll address it next time or in a different forum."
  10. Recognition (Individual / team / organization)
  11. Encouragement (Positive reinforcement / express belief in them)
  12. Charge (A "Go Get 'Em" thought / objective / contest for the week)

Scott Sorrell is a master sales trainer and success coach. He is known as "Mr. Charge Higher Prices," because he teaches how to boost the bottom line of every transaction and relationship, as he works nationwide with sales teams and corporate executives of everyone from Fortune 500s to start-ups. Scott's seminar series, How to Charge Higher Prices & Get Your Customers to Thank You for It,T is acclaimed by sales professionals in dozens of industries. He is also the creator of the audio program The Power of Persuasion: How to Master the Art of Influence.T Scott can be contacted at 949 650-0006, or by email: ceo@SalesAdrenaline.com.

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