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A Message from the Founder

Many call me a "Master Trainer." More accurately, though, my true identity is Master Student.

I am a listener and learner first. I am constantly reading and studying the ideas and research of experts in psychology, business leadership, success strategy, neuro-linguistic programming, philosophy -- even medicine and story-telling -- and identify synergies among them. I use the results in my Sales Adrenaline training programs to create a powerful, integrated system of personal and professional development that impacts both head and heart. Without the heart aspect, knowledge doesn't stick, because I believe true learning occurs at the intersection of logic and emotion. By connecting with my students inside and outside, I guide the changes that powerfully and dramatically transform their outward actions and results.

It is because I have consistently seen those changes that we now offer our guarantee. It is also because of the strong desire of my clients to do business with a company that will take responsibility for the results of its training. Most others simply deliver their content and move on -- for all intents and purposes abandoning the client.

What Sales Adrenaline isn't: abstract principles, unfounded opinions and vague theories. What else it isn't: motivational rah-rah. Our focus is the same as yours. Increasing your revenues. Increasing your margins. Period. That's why all Sales Adrenaline programs are designed to specifically target these objectives by creating new strategies for growth your team can use daily to dramatically increase their production. Guaranteed.

If this sounds like the kind of business integrity you're looking for, let's talk. Tell me what your needs and goals are. Fulfilling them is the foundation of my business.

-- Scott Sorrell

PS: If you want to speak with me personally, I'll be delighted to take your call. Just pick up the phone and dial (949) 650-0006. If I'm not immediately available, I'll be happy to return your call. I look forward to speaking with you.


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"The key to selling? Pinpoint the pain point."
-Scott Sorrell

"Prospects can read your eyes. They can tell the difference between commission focus & customer focus."
-Scott Sorrell
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