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Sales Expert Scott Sorrell

An Interview with Scott "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"T Sorrell, Sales Training Expert & Success Coach to the Fortune 500.

Q: Are you a motivational speaker?

SORRELL: Funny, I get asked that all the time. What really is motivation? It is something that compels you forward toward an objective, that impels you onward to reach your goals. Ultimately, the sole driver that will motivate you with any consistency is your self-interest. It's not someone from the outside telling you to jump onto a chair and clap and shout a series of positive affirmations.

Q: So your answer is?

SORRELL: No, can't say I'm a motivational speaker. I'm a dynamic communicator, yes, but what attracts audiences to me is that I teach amazingly powerful techniques and give them tools that make them more money, and that is HIGHLY motivating. When people go back to their sales gigs and entrepreneurial enterprises and consulting practices and use my secrets to land bigger, better accounts at higher margins and put a heckuva lot more money in their pockets . they're MOTIVATED! So I guess you could call me a motivation generator, instead of a motivational speaker.

Q: So there are actually "secrets" to selling at higher prices?

SORRELL: Certainly. Invaluable secrets. Shhhhhhh! I've identified more than 80 different techniques, methods & strategies for getting people to pay you more than they thought they were going to pay anyone, and I've compiled them into a powerful learning system. Am I the only one who knows them? I don't know. But I am the only one who has studied them for years and assembled them into a unified knowledge base which I now teach to the most powerful companies in the world.

Q: And you call this knowledge base what?

SORRELL: "How to Charge Higher Prices & Get Your Customers to Thank You For It"T. For a speaker, it's a great title for a program - and it's an incredible brand - because it's unbelievably inspirational and extraordinarily compelling. The title itself is so "motivational" that it immediately causes people to want to hire me as a speaker right when they hear it.

Q: How can our readers contact you?

SORRELL: Through my website, SalesAdrenaline.com. Or they can email me at ceo@SalesAdrenaline.com.

About Scott Sorrell. "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"T offers hard-hitting and sometimes surprising advice on how to make more profit on each transaction - including how to win the business against lower-priced competitors. His material is drawn from more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, and his teaching is chock-full of insider secrets gleaned from working with the top companies in the world and regularly interviewing the best and brightest minds in business.

Topics. The specific topics Scott presents for any audience are uniquely customized for the members of that group. Examples:

  1. How to Sell on Value, Not Price
  2. How to Discover What Prospects are Really Willing to Pay You
  3. How to Identify All the Money on the Table
  4. How to Create Compelling Demand Regardless of Your Price
  5. How to Utilize Professional Negotiation Techniques
  6. How to Command Higher Prices from Existing Customers
  7. How to Be More Persuasive (without being pushy)

Format. Scott's programs include plenty of opportunity for questions and interaction, and his experience training professionals in literally dozens of industries ensures he always provides valuable takeaways for each member of a group. Everyone is guaranteed to come away with powerful and effective ideas they can immediately implement in their businesses to start increasing both revenues and profits.

Scott is currently writing the next bestseller in the Guerrilla Marketing series with Jay Conrad Levinson.

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"The key to selling? Pinpoint the pain point."
-Scott Sorrell

"Prospects can read your eyes. They can tell the difference between commission focus & customer focus."
-Scott Sorrell
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