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Why You Need This Sales Speaker

An Interview with Scott "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"T Sorrell, World-Renowned Sales Speaker & Success Coach to the Fortune 500.

Q: What's the difference between sales speakers and "motivational speakers"?
SORRELL: Typically, high quality sales speakers like me concentrate on boosting paychecks, while motivational speakers concentrate on boosting emotions. Sales speakers focus on content, while motivational speakers focus on delivery. What I find motivational in my life is the results I get - like more closed deals in less time - because it's the results that boost my emotions, not vice-versa.
Q: So a sales speaker will create different results?
SORRELL: An honest-to-goodness sales speaker like me will have you saying as you leave, "Wow! What I just learned will really pump up my sagging bottom line!" When you leave a motivational speaker, you say, "Wow! What I just felt has really pumped up my sagging self image!" The one will create lasting results and rectify the problem; the other will fade quickly and leave you in the same shape as before - or probably worse.
Q: Why worse?
SORRELL: First, because now you're even more broke from investing in yet another seminar, plus all the books and audio and video programs you bought to remind you what a great person you are and how you can do it if you only "imagine yourself successful" using some cosmic "Secret." The second reason you're in worse shape after the motivational seminar is that now you're even more depressed that yet another quick fix didn't work - plus you're even more broke than you were before.
Q: This doesn't happen with sales speakers?
SORRELL: Typically, no. Reputable sales speakers base their programs on fact, not feeling. They'll tell you that ONLY YOU are accountable for putting their material into practice and creating the results. Motivational speakers often promise you results just for showing up to their programs. But it's an empty promise. Going to a "success seminar" will not make you successful any more than going to McDonalds will make you a hamburger.
Q: So what is the sales speaker's target, versus the motivational speaker's target?
SORRELL: A sales speaker targets true sales professionals and those who want to be true sales professionals. True sales professionals are those who study their craft, and with integrity practice solid selling techniques and negotiating skills, and apply their knowledge of the psychology of buying. They go to seminars to learn methods to better connect with their customer so that the customer ends up happy with both the transaction AND the relationship. Most motivational speakers, on the other hand, aren't looking for anyone nearly so professional. They prey on junkies, primarily - "feel-good" adrenaline junkies. But it's not only the motivational speaker's fault. It's a two-way street, and the other side of the street has a predictable result. People who go to "motivational" seminars to pump up their feelings of excitement are just adrenaline junkies on a fast-track to failure.
Q: Earlier, you said the best way to get motivated is by getting results. What did you mean?
SORRELL: I meant that you should get motivated by the real financial changes and real life changes that come from the positive things you do, that result from the disciplined habits you develop in becoming a more value-driven human being. Only then does the "motivational cycle" become self-perpetuating: you do something great and it works, then you get excited about it, which gives you additional energy and internal motivation to do it some more, which helps you do it even better the next time, causing even stronger results, and perpetuating a positive, upward cycle . because now your enthusiasm is spawned by facts, by reality, by something you had a stake in, not by some artificial "pump up" session that was a bunch of hot air from some external source. For example, if I teach you to use a simple technique called "the flinch" in negotiating with someone, and it puts an extra thousand dollars in your pocket, now there's motivation to use it again - and to learn even more negotiating techniques to get even better results. If I just have you recite a bunch of positive affirmations like "I'm rich, I'm powerful, I'm successful," and then tell you you're going to become rich, successful and powerful as a result, you'll have a burst of emotional excitement and anticipation that will carry you just about until you realize you're still broke, still feeling like a victim, and still a failure.
Q: So as a sales speaker, you focus on the results your audience members will achieve?
SORRELL: No, actually I don't focus on the results. I focus on the activities that will create the results. You can't control your results, you can only control the activities you engage in, and choose to do the ones that are most likely to achieve the results you're looking for. But while you can't control your results, you can, with a high degree of certainty, predict the results you'll get from the actions you take.
Q: Can you give me an example?
SORRELL: Of course. Let's I'm a commissioned sales rep. I can't control whether or not I'll earn a hundred thousand dollars this year. Meaning I can't force the universe with absolute certainty to give me that result. But I can make twenty cold calls a day and ten referral calls a day, which, in my experience, will probably result in two appointments a day, which will typically get me one closed sale a week which nets me two thousand dollars, which, done fifty times, equals one hundred thousand dollars a year. So while I can't control the hundred thousand dollars, which is the result, I can control the twenty phone calls a day, which is the activity. If I want to raise my income to two hundred thousand dollars, what do I do? Right - boost my activity level to forty calls a day. And if I can't possibly fit that much work into my schedule but I still want to make two hundred thousand dollars, I take a different action - like researching and targeting another, higher-paying company or industry - which will again result in my finding an opportunity to net that two hundred thousand dollars I want. It's all about the activities I engage in, the actions I take, that create the results I'm looking for.
Q: This will pay big dividends in every area of life, not just sales.
SORRELL: Absolutely. As a sales speaker, sales trainer, sales educator - whatever you want to call me - I'm always reminding my audiences that these strategies don't stop working once you get to the front door of your home. Take them inside, and watch the magic happen there, too.
Q: This is good stuff. How can our readers contact you?
SORRELL: Through my website, SalesAdrenaline.com. Or they can email me at ceo@SalesAdrenaline.com.

About Scott Sorrell

"Mr. Charge Higher Prices"T offers hard-hitting and sometimes surprising advice on how to make more profit on each transaction - including how to win the business against lower-priced competitors. His sales speaker material is drawn from more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, and his teaching is chock-full of insider secrets gleaned from working with the top companies in the world and regularly interviewing the best and brightest minds in business.


The specific topics Scott presents for any audience are uniquely customized for the members of that group.


  1. How to Sell on Value, Not Price
  2. How to Discover What Prospects are Really Willing to Pay You
  3. How to Identify All the Money on the Table
  4. How to Create Compelling Demand Regardless of Your Price
  5. How to Utilize Professional Negotiation Techniques
  6. How to Command Higher Prices from Existing Customers
  7. How to Be More Persuasive (without being pushy)


Scott's programs include plenty of opportunity for questions and interaction, and his experience training professionals in literally dozens of industries ensures he always provides valuable takeaways for each member of a group. Everyone is guaranteed to come away with powerful and effective ideas they can immediately implement in their businesses to start increasing both revenues and profits. Scott is currently writing the next bestseller in the Guerrilla Marketing series with Jay Conrad Levinson.
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"The key to selling? Pinpoint the pain point."
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"Prospects can read your eyes. They can tell the difference between commission focus & customer focus."
-Scott Sorrell
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