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The Right Sales Training Attitude: Get In, Get Out

Wham Bam

We don't drag this out. In a reasonable amount of time, you'll have a whole new sales team. They won't merely know what works, they'll understand why it works. You'll see them start to sell at higher prices. You'll see them managing the sales process. You'll hear them taking ownership, not just giving you the same old excuses.

You'll watch some of them double their production. Some maybe more.

Exit Strategy

When you see your team turn into a sales powerhouse, you'll want to keep up so you can keep their fire burning. Scott Sorrell will coach you and your managers on exactly how to do that, and give you tools to maintain the momentum that's been created. Leading this powerful new team is your job, and "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"will equip you to do it.

Do You Qualify

We work only with teams committed to success in selling, who aren't afraid to stretch, try new techniques and implement new strategies. No whiners, pessimists or doubters. You must be convinced in advance of your own success. That's the raw material you need. The rest we can supply.


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"There is a word for a person who dabbles in success ... a failure."

-Scott Sorrell

"Prospects will become customers only if your offering appeals to their self interest."

-Scott Sorrell

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