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Free "Iron Clad Obligation" Sales Adrenaline Test Drive!

Want me to do a free training for your organization? Want me to give your sales team their first amazing shot of Sales Adrenaline at no cost to you?


I know what you're thinking: Wait a minute . how can "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"T give away his services for free? Where's his integrity?!

This is how it works: Customize an ongoing training program with Sales Adrenaline, agree on the length of term and the budget, sign an agreement, then I will personally deliver your first program - 100% complimentary.

If your team decides my methods won't work, THAT TRAINING SESSION IS FREE and we shred our training contract, no strings attached. If your team loves it, THAT TRAINING SESSION IS STILL FREE and then we go forward with our contract as planned.

The bottom line is this: if I don't deliver for your organization, I have an iron-clad obligation to release you from our training agreement. On the other hand, if I deliver as promised, we both have an iron-clad obligation to follow through with our training agreement, because I will have proven your organization's need and desire to benefit in a huge way from what I teach.

By the way, I understand the difference between a risk and a gamble. I don't take gambles and I've never lost this bet. I control all the risk, because I deliver a fantastic first session for your sales team. So yes, expect to get a free training, but no, don't expect me to walk away empty-handed. Doesn't happen. As your first complimentary session propels us forward and becomes our training series, you'll be amazed as your team begins to be transformed by the intensive sales education I give them. And you'll be ecstatic as your revenues and profits are transformed, as well!

So put me to the test. Call me, and let's get started teaching your team "How to Charge Higher Prices & Get Your Customers to Thank You for It!"

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Free Sales Training Test Drive

"The key to selling? Pinpoint the pain point."
-Scott Sorrell

"Prospects can read your eyes. They can tell the difference between commission focus & customer focus."
-Scott Sorrell
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