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The Sales Adrenaline Guarantee

Often called "Mr. Charge Higher Prices," Scott Sorrell is one of America's top sales trainers, and is the founder of Sales Adrenaline. Scott trains Fortune 500 sales teams, and he can also train YOURS. His effectiveness is due to his pinpoint "laser targeting" that eliminates the weaknesses of his clients' sales forces. It is that confidence that allows Scott to make his amazing Guarantee.

Simple Math

If a sales training program costs you more than it makes you, how smart is that? Other "trainers" will take your money and deliver their material, but then they don't follow up, and ultimately don't care if your team applies the material. Shouldn't it be all about ROI?

Don't spend a lot of money on training & seminars to get no identifiable payback to your bottom line.

Our Difference

Scott Sorrell's boast: "The Sales Adrenaline difference is in my clients' results. No one else offers the kind of financial guarantee I do. If your team uses my "Charge Higher Prices" techniques and doesn't hit the target numbers you've established with me, you're off the hook ... and I walk away penniless." (How can I afford to walk away with no money? Easy. I've never had it happen.)

Scott Sorrell's clients make money, period. Then they say great things like, "After just one workshop we doubled our sales this weekend," and "This is the best training we've ever had."

The Sales Adrenaline difference is in YOUR RESULTS.

Want Scott Sorrell to speak at your next event or create a training series for you? Call Sales Adrenaline today at the number below:

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Free Sales Training Test Drive

"People don't want to be sold, they want to buy ... your job is to help them decide to buy now."

-Scott Sorrell

"Prospects will become customers only if your offering appeals to their self interest."

-Scott Sorrell
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