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Are your numbers down? Is your team leaving a ton of money on the table? You need help! Get the sales training your team deserves RIGHT NOW with one of my specialized sales training programs. If you want a true sales expert and master trainer to deliver the goods, you might as well get the one they call "Mr. Charge Higher Prices."

No Overkill

You don't need everything I offer, so I'll never try to oversell you. I do "SURGICAL STRIKE" training targeted specifically to your team's challenges and weaknesses. Right from the beginning, I interview company management & selected team members, then customize training sessions to address & correct the issues I've identified.

Profit-Pumping Results

I've developed more than 100 hours of hard-core, profit-pumping programs to ensure you get the huge results you're looking for. Here's a sample of what your group will learn from me:


Scott Sorrell's Sample 20-Session Training Outline

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Session 1: The 8 Keys to Unlock Professional Selling Success

(Foundations of Selling)
  1. Becoming a Master Prospector
  2. Building Unshakeable Rapport
  3. Uncovering Needs, Issues & Pains
  4. Delivering a Persuasive Presentation
  5. Overcoming Objections with Class
  6. "Weak Closers Have Skinny Kids"
  7. Following Up Effectively
  8. Creating a Stream of Qualified Referrals

Session 2: Time Leveragement

  1. The Time Management Myth
  2. "Big Rocks" vs. "Sand in Uncomfortable Places"
  3. First Things First: The Urgent/Important Matrix (Proactive Foundation)
  4. How to Leverage Time
  5. Territory & Priority Management

Session 3: How to Charge Higher Prices - Part 1

  1. The Value Triangle
  2. The High Cost of Low Price: "Price cutting is the first retreat of the inexperienced, the ignorant, and the lazy salesperson." - Scott Sorrell
  3. The Inverse Relationship of Price & Cost
  4. Building Perceived Value
  5. Creating Deficit & Demand

Session 4: Success Disciplines of Top Professionals

  1. The Mental Game
  2. Daily Preparation & Planning
  3. "Take Care of Your Numbers"
  4. SMART Goals
  5. Automated Contact

Session 5: Negotiating to Win (Professional Techniques)

  1. The Flinch
  2. Repackaging
  3. Overstating Your Demands
  4. Bracketing
  5. Using Time Pressure
  6. Trading Logical for Emotional Victories
  7. The Walkaway Number

Session 6: How to Eliminate the Competition

  1. Acquiring Competitive Intelligence
  2. Using Competitive Intelligence
  3. "Killer Questions"
  4. Market Positioning

Session 7: How to Charge Higher Prices - Part 2

  1. The "Bear Trap" Close
  2. Fire Lowball Larry
  3. Be a Consultant, Not a Salesperson
  4. Be a "Value Add"
  5. Tales = Sales

Session 8: Nailing the Customer Interview

  1. Pre-Call Planning
  2. Sharing the Agenda
  3. How to Ask Brilliant Questions
  4. Giving Prospects the Illusion of Control
  5. Managing Customer Expectations
  6. Closing on Every Call

Session 9: ROI Prospecting

  1. Personal Marketing Strategy
  2. Targeting Secrets
  3. Customer Profiling
  4. Predictive Modeling
  5. Networking & Tapping Hidden Spheres of Influence
  6. Crafting Your Elevator Speech
  7. Major Account Penetration Strategy
  8. Pipeline Management Secrets

Session 10: USP - Unique Selling Proposition

  1. Marketplace Commoditization
  2. Critical Differentiation
  3. Market Positioning
  4. Creating TOMA

Session 11: Non-Verbal Communication

    Secrets of Quick Connection
  1. Personality Types
  2. Reading Your Customers
  3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  4. Mirroring & Matching
  5. Postures & Gestures

Session 12: How to Charge Higher Prices - Part 3

  1. Quantify the ROI
  2. Be Worth More
  3. "BLEND" with the Prospect
  4. Find a Sponsor or Champion
  5. Delay Price Discussion

Session 13: Qualifying & Disqualifying

  1. "The Quality of Your Questions"
  2. Follow-up Questions
  3. Bellwether Qualifiers
  4. Generating Referrals from DQs
  5. The "DQ Dash"

Session 14: The Power of Persuasion - How to Master the Art of Influence

  1. Intersection of Logic & Emotion
  2. WIIFM Foundations
  3. Door in the Face
  4. Tie Downs
  5. YES Momentum
  6. Alternate Choice
  7. Farming
  8. Reciprocity

Session 15: How to Provoke Immediate Action

  1. Pump Up the Pain
  2. Sell the "HARM"
  3. Create a Sense of Urgency
  4. The Takeaway Close
  5. Create Fear of Loss

Session 16: Referral Business - The Easiest Sale You'll Make

  1. Clone Your Best Customers
  2. Increase the Closing Ratio
  3. Shorten the Sales Cycle
  4. Boost the Invoice Total
  5. How to Ask: Scripting
  6. Bonus TPT

Session 17: Overcoming Objections - The "Secret 7"

  1. Hear It Out
  2. Feed It Back
  3. Question It
  4. Isolate It
  5. Answer It
  6. Confirm It's Answered
  7. Regain Control

Session 18: Setting Up the Close for a YES (Weak Closers Have Skinny Kids)

  1. The Decision Process
  2. The Buying Cycle
  3. Decision Makers vs. Decision Influencers
  4. Trial Closes
  5. Telling vs. Asking
  6. Selling the Committee

Session 19: Mastering Telephone Sales

  1. Phone Etiquette
  2. Overcoming Call Reluctance
  3. Outbound Success Habits
  4. Getting Past Gatekeepers
  5. Inbound Calls: From Order Taking to Order Making
  6. Scripting
  7. Q-Tips (Trailing Questions)

Session 20: Customer Retention & Growth

  1. The Cost of Not Following Up
  2. Create Reasons to Call
  3. Increasing Customer Share
  4. Upselling, Cross-selling & Add-ons
  5. Linked Acquisition Strategy

Download This Article  

Download this Training Outline in PDF Format


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"Price cutting is the first retreat of the inexperienced, the ignorant and the lazy salesperson."

-Scott Sorrell

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-Scott Sorrell

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