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An Interview with Scott "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"T Sorrell, Master Sales Trainer & Success Coach to the Fortune 500.

Q: Let's just get right into it - what are some of your favorite sales techniques?

SORRELL: My favorite techniques? Hmmmm. Well, before I just rattle off a list, I should probably explain to your audience what my definition of a "technique" is, and why I both love and hate "techniques" in sales.

Q: You love AND hate techniques?

SORRELL: What I mean is, when I first start using a new phrase, or body posture, or closing script, or prop - things we might call techniques - they are terribly uncomfortable because they're different from the way I usually sell and I'm not used to them. They feel foreign. I wish new sales techniques were like new running shoes: those feel strange at first, but get comfortable and become a part of you within just a few minutes. Sales techniques are more like a new car: it can take a month or so to get used to where all the new buttons and levers and switches are, get comfortable with the new electronic seat controls, remember that you may have a different turning radius. I feel completely fake and self-conscious when I'm using a new close or NLP technique or I'm adding a joke to my pitch, or I'm even experimenting with the order of the points in a sales presentation. I don't feel genuine because I have to focus with half of my brain on the technique to make sure I'm doing it properly, leaving only half my brain to focus on the customer. It's not the optimal way to sell, but it's the only way to grow as a professional. You study the psychology first, then turn it into practical "techniques," then you do them . and they can feel very uncomfortable at first.

Q: And the "loving" it part?

SORRELL: The technique-loving part is when you get so comfortable in that new sports car of yours that you become one with it. After a month or two, when you slip into that driver's seat, you become a part of the driving experience and it becomes a part of you. You don't have to think about it anymore - your responses, your reaction time, your choices - they're all automatic. As soon as a "sales technique" ceases to be a technique and it just becomes a natural part of the way you talk and act and sell, that's where you love it, because you know you've just become better, faster, more value-focused, more empathetic, more enthusiastic - all those things that make you more effective as a professional salesperson.

Q: OK, so back to our original question - what are your favorite techniques?

SORRELL: I'll give you a few, but understand that it's the whole package that makes the sale, not any one "silver bullet." That said, the most important and effective technique - I hate to even call it that, because it robs it of its genuineness - is building rapport with your customer. Rapport is probably three-quarters of the sale: if people like you and trust you, they're just looking for an excuse to buy from you. Another technique - let's call it a skill - is asking questions and LISTENING. A third essential is more of an integrity thing, and it's actually believing in your product or service wholeheartedly. Enthusiasm flows from that, and your customer can sense it. If the enthusiasm comes from your core and isn't merely a pretense, they buy your excitement and belief about what your product can actually do for them.

Q: What are some of the most interesting or "off the wall" sales techniques you've ever used or taught?

SORRELL: They're not "off the wall," but tie-downs are always fun - and highly effective. A tie-down is when you make a statement and turn it into a question by ending with "doesn't it?" or "isn't it?" or "wouldn't you agree?" You do this as you nod your head, and it's fun to watch as the prospect's head just bobs along in rhythm to yours . as you smile and gaze hypnotically into their eyes. OK, I'm kidding about the hypnotic part. Not really. Well, yes I am. Actually, I guess you'll never really know for sure, because I'm doing it to you right now . aren't I?

Q: OK, now I'm nervous. Should I be afraid of salespeople who have been trained by you?

SORRELL: Actually, you should be afraid of salespeople who have NOT been trained by me. Salespeople who haven't gotten the proper training from me or someone like me are typically focused on themselves, their sale, their commission - and have little regard for what's best for the customer. My first concern, as a sales professional, has to be for the integrity of the relationship and not merely for the transaction itself. Once I'm convinced that what I have to offer is a good solution for your problem or issue, then with full integrity I can sell it to you.

Q: How can our audience contact you?

SORRELL: Through my website, SalesAdrenaline.com. Or they can email me at ceo@SalesAdrenaline.com.

About Scott Sorrell. "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"T offers hard-hitting and sometimes surprising advice on how to make more profit on each transaction - including how to win the business against lower-priced competitors. His material is drawn from more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, and his teaching is chock-full of insider secrets gleaned from working with the top companies in the world and regularly interviewing the best and brightest minds in business.

Topics. The specific topics Scott presents for any audience are uniquely customized for the members of that group. Examples:

  1. How to Sell on Value, Not Price
  2. How to Discover What Prospects are Really Willing to Pay You
  3. How to Identify All the Money on the Table
  4. How to Create Compelling Demand Regardless of Your Price
  5. How to Utilize Professional Negotiation Techniques
  6. How to Command Higher Prices from Existing Customers
  7. How to Be More Persuasive (without being pushy)

Format. Scott's programs include plenty of opportunity for questions and interaction, and his experience training professionals in literally dozens of industries ensures he always provides valuable takeaways for each member of a group. Everyone is guaranteed to come away with powerful and effective ideas they can immediately implement in their businesses to start increasing both revenues and profits.

Scott is currently writing the next bestseller in the Guerrilla Marketing series with Jay Conrad Levinson.

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"The key to selling? Pinpoint the pain point."
-Scott Sorrell

"Prospects can read your eyes. They can tell the difference between commission focus & customer focus."
-Scott Sorrell
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